Helping Children Become Good Readers

March 31, 2013 Junebug Staff

Literacy is a vital skill in today’s information-oriented world. Adults are reading more on a daily basis than before, both for work as well as pleasure. Helping a child become an excellent reader is the best way of ensuring that child’s success as an adult. Children raised with a wide variety of experiences and stimuli are more likely to begin reading at a younger age. By interacting with adults who use complex language to teach them about the world, infants and toddlers learn the intricacies of language. Very young children are exposed to the sounds of language and begin learning...

Making Learning Fun with Stickers

March 14, 2013 Junebug Staff

Children are no different than adults when it comes to needing outside motivation and encouragement to accomplish necessary, but often dull and boring, tasks. Junebug Stickers are an easy way for teachers to provide incentive for students to complete difficult assignments, exhibit appropriate behavior and help with general classroom management. Children love the badge-look of our rewards because it makes them seem more important and respectable than generic ones. Most children spend time playing games on various electronic devices. The internet badges children earn while gaming are highly motivating and coveted. Teachers can implement this same type of reward system...

Getting Children to Read

February 17, 2013 Shopify

When your child learns to read, they gain the key to knowledge and fun. There is no barrier that can stop them as they learn and enjoy books, magazines, and online articles.  The best way to get your child reading is to start real early. Actually spend time reading with your child. That way the child will be able to better grasp the words and meaning when he hears it from the voice of the parent.  There is scientific data backing this up. According to a study done by the National Center for Family Literacy, children that are read too...