Making Learning Fun with Stickers

March 14, 2013 Junebug Staff

Children are no different than adults when it comes to needing outside motivation and encouragement to accomplish necessary, but often dull and boring, tasks. Junebug Stickers are an easy way for teachers to provide incentive for students to complete difficult assignments, exhibit appropriate behavior and help with general classroom management. Children love the badge-look of our rewards because it makes them seem more important and respectable than generic ones.

Most children spend time playing games on various electronic devices. The internet badges children earn while gaming are highly motivating and coveted. Teachers can implement this same type of reward system in their own classrooms to encourage proper behavior and learning. The gamification of mundane, daily classroom tasks brings new excitement and energy to school. 

One way teachers can implement this internet badges style of reward would be to make a class chart of duties that keep the room neat and tidy. Students earn rewards for cleaning their desk, straightening pencils or books, washing table tops or even gathering trash. Through earning visually stimulating badges, children gain feelings of satisfaction and self-respect. Reluctant helpers can be encouraged to participate by allowing them to choose from a “special” sticker box when they finish a more unique task. Keeping a large chart of room duties is also a good way for everyone to see which chores still need to be completed each week. 

Teachers can make these types of mundane tasks more fun by racing against the clock, so children could earn two rewards at the same time. Students should help keep their classroom picked up, and a little gamification and encouragement makes it more fun for everyone. 

A large part of what children learn in the classroom is appropriate group behavior. Teachers can encourage students to sit quietly, raise their hand, take turns, show good manners and be helpful by using coveted stickers as rewards. Our product has the simple, yet engaging designs and vibrant colors that children enjoy. A sticker book of rewards earned for good behavior provides much longer lasting motivation than a cheap, plastic toy or candy treat. 

Stickers are also an excellent way of motivating students with learning. Children can have individual books to keep track of daily reading time, assignments turned in, progress on a large project or even participation in discussions. A record of this type provides concrete evidence to children of their accomplishments during a month, semester or even entire school year. Progress books are a great way to tell parents and grandparents what students learned and spark discussions about which topics their child most enjoyed.

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